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††† DRILLClock Football Segment Timers offer a coaching staff key features that benefit both coaches and athletes.†

††† We designed the DRILLClock DM1-100 Timer to be a multi-sport training system for all† levels of athletics.† Our DRILLClock timer products offer your coaching staff effective tools for running day to day practice.† Click the link header above to go to our sports page.

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††† Welcome to our site! Please feel free to view pages by clicking on links. If you are looking for sports products click on the Avatar Sports Electronics link in the top ribbon. Visit the Service Department at the link to the left. If you canít find what you are looking for you can email or give us a call.

Timers For Athletics

†The DRILLClock DM1-100 Segment Timer System

†For Coaching Athletics

Picture DM1-100 Timer control


20 Inch LED Display


15 Inch LED Display


Segment Timer Control